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About MetaFLO
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MetaFLO’s technology, mobilized to the generator site, turns liquid waste into a stackable solid in real time.

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The result being; less waste, lower transportation and disposal costs, improved safety, better control and compliance while significantly reducing GHG emissions.
Horizontal Directional Drilling & Tunneling
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  • Drill fluids or ‘mud’ are liquid wastes and regulated by many jurisdictions.
  • Whether collected from a cleanout pit or a centrifuge, our reagents can help you to reduce the cost of transportation and disposal while improving safety and compliance.
Oil & Gas Drilling
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  • Mud from horizontal wells can be water or oil based, we can help with both.
  • MetaFLO’s methods are an ideal solution if you have 1,000 gallons or 100,000,000.
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  • If you’re a transfer station bulking liquid wastes, our system will help you to ship less waste for final disposal.
  • Remediation excavation produces not just excess soil, but water that needs to be disposed of as well, MetaFLO reagents can help you to ship them together.
Hydro Excavations
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  • Dump sites for hydro excavation mud are becoming more scarce and costly.
  • Onsite solidification will help you to ease the pain of mud disposal.


MetaFLO is the leading provider of innovative, environmentally friendly chemistry and unique reagent delivery systems for the treatment of liquid waste streams.

Using our technology you will; reduce your current cost of managing liquid waste, improve safety at your site, reduce risk and liability and significantly reduce the environmental impact of your activity.

Conventional methods for treating liquid waste are poor. Adding vast amounts of sawdust, fly ash from coal generation or lime dust to a liquid until it meets solids criteria for transportation to landfill is wasteful and redundant. The greenhouse gas emission reductions from a 2/3 reduction in vacuum truck requirements is compelling and consistent with generator corporate social responsibility objectives.


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Real-time liquid waste solidification

To discuss the right solid, environmentally friendly solution for liquid waste problems for your company, please contact us by sending a message or by calling at 1-888-862-4011 (Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm UTC-05:00) and schedule a meeting.


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