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Semi Solids Mixer MetaFLO SSM

The NEW MetaFLO SSM was designed to meet the needs of generators of semi-solids waste streams that are too heavy to pump, but still fluid enough to fall short of solids regulations such as slump or paint filter testing.

MetaFLO identified, designed and commissioned the SSM, a tool to effectively manage semi-solids and fluids with high suspended solids.  This was done by using MetaFLO’s diverse client base and in a manner consistent with our previous grassroots design methodology. MetaFLO assembled a team of clients who had expressed interest in participating in the design and development of a proof of concept to deal with this waste stream. The market need was qualified and opportunity for our clients was quantified.  In conjunction with our other patented processes and reagents this is a machine that can deliver results in the field.

MetaFLO also researched industry best practises and concepts across broader sectors to source materials and components to support our manufacturing capabilities.

MetaFLO consolidated and qualified our client needs, identified through existing field experience and requirements and contracted a manufacturer to help move along with proof of concept trials to design the first prototype Semi-Solid Mixer – the MetaFLO SSM.

Everything from size, weight, winter requirements, electrical controls, throughput, safety, containment, power requirements, emission parameters, feed systems, waste pre-conditioning, flail design requirements and waste stream variability were taken into consideration.

As a result of the due diligence conducted in the early design of the SSM with MetaFLO clients and utilizing cross-sector methodology and components incorporated into proof of concept design models, MetaFLO was able to produce an SSM unit that was field ready with the first prototypes.

This collaborative approach with clients has been the hallmark MetaFLO’s ability to bring innovative products to market that improve the efficiency of our reagents for the solidification of problematic liquid waste streams.

The MetaFLO SSM is most commonly used by environmental service providers, directional drillers, hydro excavation companies and micro-tunnelers. It can be transported as part of a mobile on site operation or as part of a fixed treatment facility.

  • Capacity of 25-30m3 (6,604-7,925 gallons) of semi-solid waste per hour (110-132 gal/min)
  • Equipped with a patented mixing process able to handle the heaviest semi-solid wastes
  • Ideally suited for hydro excavation, heavy drill cuttings, micro-tunneling, environmental / remedial projects
  • For on site projects, the MetaFLO SSM has been designed for direct discharge into most roll-off bins
  • Operators are able to mobilize to site to eliminate off site transportation and disposal of would-be liquid wastes
metaflo shadow

MetaFLO SSM CAD Schematics

MetaFLO SSM CAD drawing