The Dirt Behind our New Product: SoilFLO

Excess Soil Management Policy Framework

While driving around Toronto, or on the 401, take note of all the dump trucks you see. Odds are, most of these dump trucks are carrying excess soils from major infrastructure projects or condo developments. With approximately 15 million cubic meters of soil being excavated in the GTA alone, we should see almost 1 million dump trucks hauling excess soils on the roads. In most instances, these soils are clean, treated as a resource, and used for rehabilitation of sites in need of clean fill outside of Toronto.

Problems in Search of MetaFLO’s Solutions

MetaFLO’s liquid mixing system (LMS-3)

At MetaFLO Technologies, we spend a lot of time with our clients to get input on field requirements to enhance existing equipment performance or develop new solutions. This collaborative approach has been the basis for developing our equipment and reagents - whether for horizontal directional drilling (HDD) fluids, hydro excavation slurry, oil based drill mud (OBM) or more specialized formulas to provide geotechnical strength when beneficial reuse as a compactable fill is required.

New Year’s Regulations

north america liquid waste

It’s going to be an exciting year at MetaFLO Technologies. We have more backlogged projects and are receiving more inquiries from interested organizations than ever before. One common theme from this activity – new regulations, guidelines and enforcement from jurisdictions all over North America.

Pipeline Construction Process Improvement

Pipeline Construction Process Improvement

Pipeline owners are making incremental work process improvements behind the scenes using MetaFLO’s liquid waste solidification technology. MetaFLO provides technology that facilitates the solidification of liquid waste streams into solid material. Organizations that put pipeline in the ground benefit from this proven technology to manage the drill waste fluids and cuttings generated from this work process.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduced by MetaFLO

Mud Disposal California – Hydro Excavation

Major energy projects to factor in greenhouse gas emissionsMetaFLO’s patented solidification technology has already been shown to significantly improve the disposal of waste drilling fluid, by reducing risk, greenhouse gas emissions, and overall cost. At MetaFLO, we believe that there is always a better solution, and we strive to enhance our proven technology to even greater heights.

Municipal Landfills Benefit from MetaFLO Treatment

Municipal Landfills Benefit from MetaFLO Treated Material

MetaFLO’s patented solutions are well aligned with the needs of municipal landfills and present a departure from traditional methods of managing slurry waste streams. Heavy liquid waste streams such as hydro excavation mud or horizontal directional drilling (HDD) fluids can be solidified in the field with a very low dose of MetaFLO reagent reducing carbon footprint, waste volume, cost and risk.

How does MetaFLO do it? Sorption.

Seeing our products work for the first time often gets the same response as a street magician does with a surprising card trick. We at MetaFLO are accustomed to seeing liquids turn into solids before our eyes, but many new clients are not. A first time observation of our solidification capabilities usually leads the observer to ask, “How can that be, how does it work?”

Drill Fluid Disposal More Cost-effective Upstream

Drill Fluid Disposal More Cost-effective Upstream

If you have been following the media recently on the subject of waste soil disposal in Ontario, you will have heard that many ‘clean fill’ dump sites are contaminated with poly-aromatic hydrocarbons, heavy metals and petroleum hydrocarbons. The subject has received comment from Ontario’s Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, Glen Murray, describing the problem as a “serious issue” in Ontario.