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Liquid Waste Solutions Pennsylvania

The Most Environmentally Friendly Liquid Waste Solution in Pennsylvania

MetaFLO’s liquid waste solutions are designed with your customer’s concerns for the environment in mind. Our solutions reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and make control and compliance easier to manage.

Conventional liquid waste solutions require multiple stages in the disposal process. MetaFLO simplifies the process by performing the processing on-site, thus eliminating uneccessary stages. Gone are the days of adding bulking agents like sawdust, fly ash or lime dust. MetaFLO’s patented solution reduces waste volumes by 50-300% using solidification reagents, which then also reduce fleet sizes necessary, fuel costs, and GHG emissions.

Save Up To 60% on Liquid Waste Disposal Using MetaFLO's Patented Solution.

Reduced costs are made possible through simplification and solidification. MetaFLO engineers have developed a means to remove a step from the traditional liquid waste disposal process. MetaFLO brings the liquid waste processing on-site, eliminating the need for expensive vaccuum trucks. Patented solidification reagents then convert the liquid waste into a stackable solid, reducing waste volumes by 50-300% when compared to traditional methods. In turn, this results in fewer trucks, fewer vendors, and significant cost savings!

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Revolutionary Liquid Waste Management

MetaFLO uses organic, environmentally safe chemical reagents to solidify liquid waste. Compared to expensive Vacuum trucks, our patented process is disruptive and, in fact, cuts greenhouse gas emissions by as much as two-thirds. Regardless of the job, we have the optimal reagent composition designed for your waste stream—and then provide the tools to ensure the cleanest, safest environmental outcome possible.

Industrial Liquid Waste Management for Pennsylvania and Its Cities

MetaFLO technology was designed to minimize impact on the environment. It meets, if not exceeds Pennsylvania’s DTSC regulatory requirements for liquid waste management. Why? Because we never use large pits to contain fluid until the pit de-waters. Nor do we use high-emission vacuum trucks to remove waste liquids or to ship them —since the liquid never leaves the site. MetaFLO is proud to serve businesses in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, and many other cities in Pennsylvania.

The Secret Behind MetaFLO’s Liquid Waste Solutions

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